Ayurveda and Mental Health


Life according to Ayurveda is a combination of the four mutually supporting components i.e. body (Shareera), sense faculties (Indriya), mind (Satva) and soul (Atma). A healthy & balanced lifecycle requires a harmonious support of all these above factors and thus the concept of health embraces physical, mental, sensory and spiritual domains.

Mental health is a prime division of Ayurvedic description of ‘Swasthya’ along with Physical and Spiritual well-being. Effective communication, knowledge, emotions, thinking and self-confidence in an individual is based on the mental health. In all domains of human life mental health is very important like relationships, personal and emotional well-being and in the contribution to humanity. It is also specified that a person with healthy mental state (Swastha manas), delighted soul with proper functioning of sense organs (Prasanna saatmendriya) along with well-balanced state of dosha (sama dosha), proper metabolism (Sama Agni), proportionate body organs and tissues (Sama Dhatu) and proper physiology (Sama Kriya) is perfectly healthy.

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