To maintain balance, we must know our nature and learn to live according to its real needs. Discuss your health query with our experienced Ayurveda doctor online.

Every human lives under some sort of stress in order to survive or to be healthy. Stressful life harms our health, happiness and inner sense of well-being. Our doctor will identify certain triggers & factors that leads to imbalance.

At Vedarjana Ayurveda we will help you to find which food will align with your constitution to bring balance, increase energy and builds true health. In addition, to avoid toxins in the certain food combination. We will help you to find a safe, stable balance between mind and body to lead genuine, optimal living.

Talk to our Ayurveda doctors to help you uncover the root cause of your health issues to achieve mental & physical harmony.

Virtual consultation: 500 INR

How it works

Follow up consultation

After the first consultation we recommend to connect for follow up consultations to analyse the health status, if any changes will be needed our doctor will advice you accordingly as per the health status.

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