Prakriti Analysis

Prakriti Analysis

According to Ayurveda, the five elements that is Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the basic factors of the universe. All physical matter of the universe is a combination of five elements with the predominance of one or other element. These five elements in their biological form combines and form the three basic energies in the body. They are known as Doshas or biological humors. These Tri-doshas regulate the physiological functions in the human body, besides providing us with unique individual physical characters.

Prakriti is the combination of spontaneous physical, mental, emotional and behavioral traits of the person. According to Ayurveda, every human being has a typical constitution that decides the state of his/her health and predisposition to particular ailments. Being human is the only similarity but every human is different from other in many aspects.

Doshas are structural & functional units of human body. Doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are present all over the body but still some dosha will be dominant in each body, which gives particular nature for the body.

Importance of Knowledge of Prakriti

  • Who am I? (On the basis of Vata, Pitta and Kapha constitution)
  • How to plan a balanced diet (What should I eat, What should I avoid)
  • How to maintain the optimal
  • How to plan the life style according to the requirements of the body
  • To assess the strength of the body

To determine your constitution you need to evaluate yourself as accurately and as honestly you can. Avoid the temptation to see yourself as you would like to be rather than as you are.

Please respond according to how you have reacted in general throughout your entire lifetime, not how you react in present. Select the right option which is most suitable for you. If in any category there have been great changes at various times in your life then select Vata as your answer even if vata category does not accurately describe you as you are today. If in any one category you feel that you belong partly in one constitution and in another too then choose both. If in any one category you feel you might into all three constitutions select the two which best characterize you. Whenever there is a significant confusion select Vata.

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Mental Profile
Gets motivated & excited
Ability to Learn
Mental Activity
Type of Dreams
Response to challenge
Quality and Amount of Sleep
Behavioural Profile
Sexual Desire
Works Best
Performs Activity
Bowel Movements
Physical Profile
Body Weight
Color & Texture of Hair
Body Temperature
Characteristic of Eye
Body Odor
Emotional Profile
Reacts to Stress with
When threatened, tends to
Relationship with spouse/partner
Express love
When Feeling Hurt
Emotional Trauma Causes
Confidence Level
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