Rasayana Therapy


Ayurveda-Science of life has been reputed to increase body’s resistance to disease and slow down the aging process. It has two main purposes- to maintain the harmonious state of a healthy person and to cure the disease of a diseased person. Rasayana/rejuvenation is a traditional therapy in Ayurveda to reinstate the body energy by using herbs, food, therapies and by correcting the way of living. Rasayanas brings proper nourishment, growth and improve the functions of all Sapta Dhatus (seven tissues). Ojas(essence of all seven tissues), the ultimate product of nutrition & digestion, and the prime energy reservoir for entire body. Our Immunity, strength and resistance depend on the quality and quantity of Ojas. When Ojas is less in the body, it prompts us to low immunity, low spirits and ill-health. All our rejuvenation therapies are targeted at improving Ojas. There are many Rasayana herbs and foods, but to have their fullest rejuvenating effects we need to prepare ourselves first by optimizing digestion, cleaning toxins from the system and resolving imbalances of the Doshas

What are the benefits of Rasayana?

It is treatment which is done for the rejuvenation of body and soul. It enhances the energy and individual’s mental or physical capabilities. Rejuvenation therapy is effective in improving the skin complexion, improves the functioning of sense organs and brings the calmness and de-stresses the mind, relieving it from anxiety, depression etc. High resistance to diseases is built into the body, when one’s opts for rejuvenation therapy. Optimum strength of the body is assured by the Rasayana therapy.

Who can benefit from Rasayana/Rejuvenation Therapy

He/she suffering from stress, insomnia, low/weak memory, rough skin, chronic digestive problems, improper functioning of sense organs, obesity, constipation etc. however, it does not mean that he/she with such health problems should resort to Rasayana therapy. If you wish to improve your vitality and to have an energetic and fresh body, this therapy can help you.

Package includes:

What is My Daily Schedule?

  • Daily consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor
  • Therapy sessions
  • Herbal medication (As per health condition)
  • Ayurvedic diet (which will be decide after consultation)
  • Yoga/meditation or mantra chanting (Optional)

Therapies included in the package

  • Udavarana (Herbal powder massage)
  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage)
  • Pizhichil (Herbal oil bath)
  • Navarakizhi
  • Shirodhara
  • Thalam
  • Herbal facial
  • Akshi tarpana
  • Karna poorna
  • Kavala & gandusha

How Many Days?

Minimum 7, 14, 21days and for better results 4-6 weeks
All depends on your present condition and expectations
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