Swarna Prashana

What is Swarna Prashana ?

Swarna prashana is one of the shodasha samskara and is the first therapeutic administration for the child. SWARNAPRASHANA is a unique immunization practice of Ayurveda imparts a long lasting health and intellect naturally without any harmful side effects, thus promoting physical and mental growth of the child.

Swarnaprashana is an oral administration of immune boosting and growth promoting Herbal medicine processed with swarna bhasma. Swarnaprashana bestows the effect of rasayana and visha nirharana.

Benefits of swarnaprashana

Acharya kashyapa has well explained about the benefits of swarnaprashana which is proved since ages.

सुवर्ण प्राशनं हि येतत मेधग्निबलवर्धनम्
आयुष्यं मङ्गलं पुण्यं वृष्यं वर्ण्यं ग्रहापाहं
मासात् परमेधावी व्याधिभिर्न च धुष्यते
षड्भिर्मासैः श्रुतधरः सुवर्णप्रशनाद्भवेत (kashyapa samhitha)

Age for swarnaprashana swarnaprashana can be administrated for children ofage group between 0 -16 years of age (balaavasta)

Time – preferably on empty stomach or one hour after food intake.

Duration – the duration can be for one month, six month daily or once a month on pushya nakshatra to age of 16.

Procedure – administered in lehana or drops form facing east or north direction.

Dietary advice – for better effect of swarnaprashana avoid apathya ahara sevana and food intake for one hour after administration of swarnaprashana.


Why swarnaprashana on pusya nakshatra?

There are 27 nakshatras and Pushya is one among them. Pushya nakshatra is also known by other names like Pusya, Pushka, Indrapurohita, Pushkarya, Poosam (Tamil), Pooyyam etc. pushya nakshatra is considered as an auspicious one and the word meaning of pushya means “nourishment”. According to Ayurveda Pushya nakshatra is considered as an auspicious for collection of medicinal herbs, preparation of medicine, initiation of treatment procedures, administration of medicine and many more. It is believed that initiation of any work on pushya nakshatra bestows positive results. Ideally swarnaprashana administration should be initiated on pushya nakshatra day and continued daily or once a month on every pushya nakshatra day.
No, swarnaprashana is a time tested medication and even present researches has proved that swarnaprashana has no side effect or adverse effect on health.
Swarna prashana is a lehana karma and is the first administration after birth. Swarnaprashana is based on the ayurvedic samhithas like, charaka samhitha, astanga sangraha and kashayapa samhitha. The references of swarana prashana is also found in ghrya sutra and manusmriti
Swarna in the form of bhasma (nano particle) is administered with herbal medicines processed and rubbed with honey and ghee.
Swarna as administred in bhasma(nano particles) form after proper purificatory measures is safe. After Incineration (swarna marana) of gold the swarna bhasma is said to have nanoparticles of gold those are globular and have an average size of 56-57 nm. Swrana prashana is administration of proper calculated dose of swarna with herbal medicines, honey and ghee.
There is no significant change in general body temperature due to administration of swarnaprashana. But take the advice of your doctor in cases of fever or other health related issues.
Cow’s ghee is more digestible and assimilable, and has anti collestric activity, memory enhancing activity.
Ghee and honey mixed together in equal quantity is considered as harmful and should be avoided. Swarnaprashana doesn’t contain honey and ghee in equal quantity thus not causing any harm.
Though there is no harm on skiping a dose of swarnaprashana but to maintain the efficacy of the medicine it is important to maintain the regular intake of medicine.
The administration of swarnaprashna is daily for six month since birth to attain the best effect. However it is also recommended to be administered once a month on pushya nakshatra day for best effect.
Swarnaprashana supplemented with other medicines like chyavanaprasha, indukanta ghrita as per the health and prakruthi of the child with bestow better effect.
Swarnaprashana is a combination of herbal medication which promotes growth and development, also improves immunity and memory which is necessary for the growing child. The dosage is generally fixed as per the age of the child. However there is no harm in intake by an adult.
Swarna bhasma, guduchi, shankhapushpi, kushta, vacha, yashti, brahami, pippali madhu and ghrita.
Swarnaprashana is beneficial in delayed milestone and other paediatric condition in addition with disease specific medication.
As swarnaprashana improves the vyadhiprathirodhakatva or the ability to fight against disease thus it benefits the child to gain capacity to fight against disease. However disease specific treatment is necessary for managing the condition.
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