Panchakarma And Detoxification


Panchkarma presents a unique approach of Ayurveda with Specially designed five procedures of internal purification of the body. Such purification allows the biological system to return to homeostasis and to rejuvenate quickly and also facilitates the desired effects of medicines administered thereafter. According to Ayurveda, the detoxification of the body is essential to rid-off all the impurities and chemical toxins. In some cases Panchkarma alone can cure many chronic diseases that will not require any further treatments afterwards. Even for healthy people also it is recommended to undergo such treatments to remove the toxins which accumulate over the years.

What are the benefits?

Purificatory therapies eliminate the vitiated doshas, power of digestion and metabolism is enhanced, diseases are cured, normal health is restored, sense organs & mind become clear, increase of strength, offspring and virility occur and individual lives long without any disease. Panchkarma therapy destroys the disease from the root level. Thus Panchkarma is a radical treatment.

Who must follow this program?

Those who suffer from ailments, addicts of alcohol, tobacco & drugs, those who have been taking chemicals over a long period of time and who live with constant stress and strain from their work and daily lifestyle

How many days stay?

Minimum 8 days to 60 days, depending upon the treatment procedure and how well your body is responding.

What is the daily program?

Phases of Panchakarma​

Purvakarma-the pre-purification preparation

Before the detoxification programs begin, there is a need to prepare the body in prescribed method to encourage it to release the toxins. These procedures are used for this:

Deepna and Pachana

At first, patient is administered with medicine such as Trikatu Choorna, Chitrakadi Vati etc. for a period of 3 days. This is to boost digestion strength and to relieve Ama (product of indigestion).


Once good digestion strength is established, person is given with ghee/oil etc, fat to drink for 3 to 7 days, based on digestion strength. Snehana/Oleation means, administering a person with any kind of fat – may be herbal ghee, herbal oil or animal fat. Oleation helps to mobilize the Doshas from the disease places in the body. Hence, it is considered as the important preparation step for Panchakarma.


Swedana means sweating or sweating therapy. The patient is made to sweat on purpose. Usually this procedure is done after doing the oleation therapy (Snehakarma)

Pradhanakarma-The main Purification process

Vamana- Vomiting Therapy

Vamana treatment is design to expel increased Kapha Dosha out of the body. When Kapha increased to a large extent and if it has moved from its natural place to other place, then it needs to be expelled out of the body. By expelling it out, disease gets cured. Since kapha is situated in the chest region, expelling it from the oral route is very easy.

Virechana -Purgation Therapy

Virechana treatment is designed to expel increased Pitta Dosha out of the body. When Pitta increased to large extent and if it has moved from its natural place to other place, then it needs to expelled out of the body. By expelling it out disease gets cured. Since pitta is situated at the level of intestines, expelling it from anal route is very easy.

Raktamokshana Therapy

It is the blood cleansing and purification therapy. The blood is expelled out from the body to reduce the quantity of toxic substances in the blood borne disorders.

Nasya- Nasal Administration

The nose is the gateway to the head region. The nasal administration of medicated drops is recommended for an excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinuses, throat, nose or head areas. They are eliminated through the nearest possible opening – the nose.

Basti-Enema Therapy

Basti is a treatment procedure in which the liquid medicines are administered through the anal route (through urethra and vaginal orifice and wound openings also) Basti therapy is the best for dealing with Vata related disorders. This treatment method has both preventive and curative perspectives. It is an ultimate remedy for many psycho-somatic diseases. It boosts immunity and promotes longevity. It helps in delaying ageing process, strengthens body and mind, fortifies tissues, cleanses the body of its impurities, acts as best rejuvenator and aphrodisiac and has many more beneficial effects on health.

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