Understanding the Basic Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes in a close relationship between man and universe and the flow cosmic energy in different forms between all living and non-living things. Ayurveda emphasis on prevention and promotion of health in healthy individual as well as curing of illness. Everything in the universe is made up of five elements and dominance of elements in each matter makes different types of structure in the world. These 5 elements give rise to 3 functional bio-energies in the body, which are responsible for all biological, physiological and psychological function of the body and mind. Balance and imbalance of these energies are health and disease respectively. Here we will discuss in detail about the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.

What you will learn?

  • Basic philosophies of Ayurveda
  • Knowledge of five elements and their role in creation
  • Ayurvedic Physiology of human body
  • Concept of tri-doshas in detail
  • Methods of analyzing Ayurveda prakriti
  • Category : eCourses
  • Date : December 20, 2017
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