Woman Health Care

Ayurveda focuses on the preventive aspects with attention to the status of dosha and dhatu. An additional care is needed towards the lifestyle of women with respect to diet and activities as constant fluctuations happens which makes her susceptible to the risk of many ailments during all epochs of women’s life. Rajaswala, Ritumati, Garbhini and Sutika are the stages of life representing major hormonal changes in woman’s body. The preventive lifestyle in relation to diet and activities are known as Paricharya.

Menstrual cycle is the normal periodic cycle, and care should be taken to maintain the balance of doshas for proper menstrual functioning. Rajaswala Paricharya explains the dos and don’ts to be followed during menstrual period. Pregnancy is an awe-inspiring experience of women’s life. During this stage woman undergo many changes physically as well as psychologically. Healthy gestation and maternity is important for the health of mother and child in future. Ayurveda gives a distinctive care and paricharya to be followed during pregnancy and maternity.

Menopause is the stage of caseation of menstrual cycle that occurs physiologically and also has the influence of hormonal changes. Women during this stage would be more prone to degeneration and vata related disorders. To keep this physiological stage more easy Ayurveda Paricharya needs to be adopted to avoid degenerative diseases. Adaptation of Rasayana therapy is also a step to attain a healthy menopause. Ayurveda identifies the fluctuations in woman’s body throughout the life and proposes simple practices to maintain healthy life throughout.

Here we would discuss about the dos and don’ts to maintain the health of woman throughout the lifespan. To help better understanding Woman Health Care course is divided into 2 levels. Candidates can enroll together or separately for each level.

What you will learn?

  • Understanding about the different stages of women’s life
  • Learn the antenatal and post natal care
  • Understand the concept of menopause
  • Useful herbs for woman’s health in different stages of life
  • Learn in detail about the menstrual disorders
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  • Date : December 20, 2017
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